Enter New Jerusalem Through the Cross


New Jerusalem, Heaven, eternity.  We can only imagine.  But one of the things we know about eternity is that the glory of the Lamb and of the Father will be the light of the city.  There will be no need for the sun, moon, or stars (but they will be there, just not seen), for the glory of the Lord is far brighter than the sun or anything else created.    This painting only gives a small idea of what one artist believes it may look like in the light of God’s glory.  Relax and enjoy as you think of the great love God has for us, wanting to fit us for heaven and fellowship with His Son.

Reprints of this painting are available at Enter New Jerusalem, through Artistrising.com, in Giclee or photographic print.  Both prints are 16″ x 20″.

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Product Description

Chosen for one possible cover for Jaden’s First Thirty Days in Heaven, this painting shows a possibility for seeing the Holy City of New Jerusalem from a distance, with the cross itself almost extending to the city itself.  The painting is done in various shades of yellow primarily, with an accent of brown for the cross.

One of three paintings I have done on coarse canvas support glued to a wood background, it offers the possibility of a wood frame or hanging directly from the wall using a standard picture hangar  As an estimate, it’s about 12″ x 12″.

Gazing at it reminds me of heaven itself and the glory of New Jerusalem.  We can only imagine right now.  Then, we will see our Savior face to face.


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