I was part of Authors’ Day at my church

I thought I could upload a video of me reading my book, but it exceeded the maximum. To look at a brief video from author’s day, which includes me talking about my book, go to https://www.facebook.com/oakcreekag/videos/vb.111245092243422/1613137262054190/?type=2&theater to look at the video, which includes all four of us authors who were part of Authors’ Day. Meanwhile, I’m having little success posting … Read More

New painting

I have a new painting available, but in print only. The original will be displayed somewhere at my church at some point. To buy them, visit Imagekind: Angel Ahijah Worshiper of the Lord. I had a vision or waking dream of this angel a number of years ago, the vision ending with me carrying a painting of the angel under … Read More

Jaden’s First Thirty Days in Heaven now available

That’s right. My new book, a novel about a nine-year-old boy’s first thirty days, getting oriented to heaven, is now available. Copies are available through Jaden’s First Thirty Days in Heaven the store for this book on the site, as well as Amazon through Jaden’s First Thirty Days in Heaven It’s been available much less than a year now, so … Read More

New Showing Chainsaw Art Festival

On Father’s Day weekend, June 19th-21st, I will be at the Chainsaw Art Festival in Eagle, WI at Suhmer’s Saloon.  I will be joining another crafter in her tent during the weekend.  Look for jewelry, some pottery, and art in my section.  The most items will be in the custom costume jewelry and Christian art, angel art, and spiritual art. … Read More

Custom Costume Jewelry and Angel Christian Art showing in Hartford, WI

This Saturday, May 30th, I’ll be selling jewelry and art at the Hartford, WI town hall, 3360 Hwy K, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  In addition to these, I will have my music CD’s and pottery on display. In the process of my changing over from the previous server, many of the work I have posted on the site … Read More

A Singer, Psalmist, Jewelry Designer, Artist

For those of you who have seen my site before, things are different in appearance.  Hopefully, they’re even better. As to what’s new, the paintings, when I’m finished putting them in, will actually show the right proportions.  You will see them very much as they are.  Also, more will be posted (eventually).  Links to reprints of some of them will … Read More