New Showing Chainsaw Art Festival

On Father’s Day weekend, June 19th-21st, I will be at the Chainsaw Art Festival in Eagle, WI at Suhmer’s Saloon.  I will be joining another crafter in her tent during the weekend.  Look for jewelry, some pottery, and art in my section.  The most items will be in the custom costume jewelry and Christian art, angel art, and spiritual art.  I won’t be able to display all the paintings I have, but there will be a nice selection of them, most done in acrylics on paper or canvas, with a small selection of desk top size paintings on various supports.

My CD’s Messianic Meditations and Reflections will be displayed alongside my new recording, Songs From the Spirit.  Reflections has a few variations on hymns played on the flute, two original flute melodies, and a number of Bible verses sung with piano accompaniment.  I am the musician in all cases on this recording.  My first release, Messianic Meditations, was recorded after the piano and voice music but before the flute part of Reflections.  On it, I sing a number of Bible verses against an orchestral accompaniment.  The arrangements were done for the recording, one tune, the one for “Shepherd Psalm”, being by Isaac Watts.  Flute in the backgrounds of some of those songs again were my original melodies.  Orchestral background was added after the voice recordings were cone.

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